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Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here

Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here
Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here 2018-06-16T08:41:50+00:00
DO NOT CONNECT CAMERA with USB cable until you have completed Step 2 and AltairCapture is installed!

Step 1: Read Getting Started with an Altair Camera (printable PDF).

Step 2: Download AltairCapture Software Official software and the best option to get you started exploring your camera. Capture and save video or still images, with live preview mode. Control frame rate, exposure duration (for long deep-sky or short solar system video), contrast, gain, brightness / gamma, saturation, dark frame subtraction, draggable ROI (Region Of Interest) for high speed cropped imaging, noise reduction filter, switch between 8bit (solar system) and 12bit (deepsky) modes in real-time. RAW mode (without Debayering) available. Output file formats include .FITS (16bit) .SER (8-12bit) .AVI (8bit) .BMP .PNG .TIFF .JPEG. NEW Live stacking feature with auto-alignment for EAA / Video Astronomy.

Step 3: Download SharpCap PRO Software Download Latest Sharpcap version here (Windows). You get a FREE SharpCap PRO License with every Altair camera made in 2017. Simply plug in the camera and a window will pop up – just follow the instructions from there. SharpCap supports Altair Cameras directly, and contains advanced features like the NEW Smart polar alignment feature designed to work with the Altair 50mm or 60mm Finder/Guidescopes, Live Focusing Assistance (Bahtinov Mask / Surface / Star modes), Live Image Stacking with frame alignment for video astronomy/EAA. ASCOM filter wheel control. You can also Download FireCapture BETA with support for Altair Cameras (Windows) Firecapture has now implemented Altair Camera support in Beta (please try it!).

Step 4: For auto-guiding, download PHD2
Download latest version of PHD2 here (Windows PC only, works with most mounts including iOptron, Celestron and Skywatcher/Orion USA)
We recommend auto-guiding your GOTO mount through the camera and mount ST4 port with the ST4 Cable, which is the grey cable provided with your camera. 
Plug the grey ST4 cable into the camera, and into the mount. Then connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable.
NOTE: Sometimes the very latest cameras aren't yet included in the PHD main release. You can still get them working by copying the altaircam.dll file into the PHD folder like this.

Other drivers:

Altair ASCOM Drivers: These are in constant development, and are usually updated first on the Google Group. This is a .ZIP file which can be opened by Winzip already present on most Windows PCs

For ASCOM driver info, tips & issues please join the Altair Astro Google Group and post in the relevant ASCOM Driver thread. 

GPCAM Direct Show drivers: Download GPCAM Direct Show driver here. Please note, these support GPCAM only and are provided in a limited capacity for applications which cannot use the official Altair SDK. 

Altair camera manuals & instructions:

  • Altair camera Quick Start Guide (applies to all cameras and same as paper insert in the box. Download Altair Camera Quickstart Guide here.
  • AltairCapture online manual & Guides – See main menu opposite for Getting Started and guides to features such as Region of Interest (ROI), Dark Frame Subtraction (DFS), Choosing File Formats, Timelapse Video and Still image capture, etc.
  • Technical Support Forum – Altair Astro Products: google_plus Altair Astro Google Group for Technical Support Get software updates, Beta drivers and software. Discuss tips and techniques to get the most out of your camera. Help others. You do not need a Google ID to use this group, any email address will do. Please give a reason for joining or your application will be rejected.

Use Facebook? FB-f-Logo__blue_29 Join the Altair Astro Facebook Group Post images. Show us your gear. Discuss and share techniques.

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