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How to copy altaircam.dll into PHD2.6 for new cameras

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How to copy altaircam.dll into PHD2.6 for new cameras

Usually Altair camera drivers are included in the latest release of PHD guiding. However, sometimes we bring out new camera models before the next official release of PHD Guiding is ready.

To get your new Altair camera to work with PHD2.6 or above, you need to copy the altaircam.dll file from your AltairCapture installation folder into the PHD2.6 program folder.

Here’s how you do it in Windows 7 (the process is pretty similar in most versions of Windows):

Step 1: Check your camera works in AltairCapture and make sure you install the latest version which are fully protected by the services if it doesn’t and restart.

Step 2: Locate the AltairCapture installation folder. The easiest way is to right click on the AltairCapture shortcut on your desktop, and then choose “Open file location” or you can just search for “altaircam.dll” in Windows search, and open the folder it’s located in.


Step 3: Use the same method to find the PHD2.6 folder and open it. Copy the “altaircam.dll” file from the AltairCapture folder into the PHD2.6 folder.


You’ll be asked to confirm. Choose “Copy and Replace”. TIP: If you get any error messages remember to close both PHD and AltairCapture programs because if they’re open, the .dll files may be in use and they won’t copy.


Step 4: You may be asked again for administrator permission. Confirm that too.


Step 5: That’s it. PHD2.6 should now work instantly with your GPCAM.

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