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How to use AltairCapture features.

Altair Planet Killer 685nm IR Pass Filter – test with GPCAM camera

Ever looked through a telescope with a high power eyepiece? You'll notice the air shimmer, kind of like a "heat haze". What's happening? Well, your telescope is magnifying air currents, as well as the distant object you're trying to view. Heat causes convection currents in the air, changing the air density and that causes distortion by bending [...]

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Using Altair GPCAM as Digital Finder Scope

You can use your Altair GPCAM as a digital finder scope with the latest version of AltairCapture. Here's how. Firstly mount your GPCAM with suitable C-Mount or CS-Mount lens, pointing in the same general direction as your telescope. Then click on the reticule buttons at the top of the screen and choose the one you like. Now [...]

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Getting Started with AltairCapture

Firstly, when you plug in your Altair Camera you'll notice the camera model number appear under the "Camera List" menu header on the top left in white text i.e. "GPCAMMT9M034M". Click on the camera model name, (circled in the image below) and the right-hand preview pane will automatically start the camera running in video mode, displaying [...]

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Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here

DO NOT CONNECT CAMERA with USB cable until you have completed Step 1 and AltairCapture is installed! Step 1: Download AltairCapture Software Official software and the best option to get you started exploring your camera. Capture and save video or still images, with live preview mode. Control frame rate, exposure duration (for long deep-sky or short solar system [...]

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