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Astro Imaging Tips & Techniques

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Best practise & tips for imaging with your Altair Camera.

Focusing on stars in AltairCapture, manually.

This is about manual focusing using those opposable thumbs and is aimed at the beginner. To focus manually, you need a reasonably fast frame rate so you can see the effect of turning the focuser knob on the screen. The problem is that stars can become quite faint at less than a second exposure, making [...]

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Creating Mosaics & Stitching Images with AltairCapture

Creating Mosaics & Image Stitching in AltairCapture (shortcut = Shift+T) Stitching or “Mosaicking” combines multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a single high-resolution image. Nearly exact overlaps between images and identical exposures are required to produce seamless results. Using AltairCapture it is possible to create digital maps, enhanced microscopy or medical [...]

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Altair Planet Killer 685nm IR Pass Filter – test with GPCAM camera

Ever looked through a telescope with a high power eyepiece? You'll notice the air shimmer, kind of like a "heat haze". What's happening? Well, your telescope is magnifying air currents, as well as the distant object you're trying to view. Heat causes convection currents in the air, changing the air density and that causes distortion by bending [...]

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