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How to use AltairCapture

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How to use your Altair camera with AltairCapture

AltairCapture Live stacking instructions for Hypercam / GPCAM

Live stacking in AltairCapture is used to enhance your views of deepsky objects or solar system objects but combining several exposures in real-time to form a brighter image with lower noise (less grainy appearance). It can also be used for imaging in near total darkness. Firstly, focus and frame the object you want to observe [...]

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Removing green cast with Altair GPCAM & Hypercam

You may have noticed that in RAW mode with a Sony IMX sensor, your images have a green colour cast. This is not a defect. It's normal and desirable, because it shows you are using RAW mode correctly, showing what the camera "sees". This article explains why it happens, and how to correct it in processing. Firstly [...]

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Creating an Image Sequence with Auto Capture

The “Auto Capture” feature in AltairCapture allows users to capture a sequence of images. You can predefine the name format, file type and get the images saved to a preset directory quickly and easily. Choose the “Capture> Auto Capture” command in AltairCapture or press the Auto Capture toolbar button.  This will begin to capture images from [...]

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Creating Mosaics & Stitching Images with AltairCapture

Creating Mosaics & Image Stitching in AltairCapture (shortcut = Shift+T) Stitching or “Mosaicking” combines multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a single high-resolution image. Nearly exact overlaps between images and identical exposures are required to produce seamless results. Using AltairCapture it is possible to create digital maps, enhanced microscopy or medical [...]

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How to use ROI (Region Of Interest) feature in AltairCapture

Your Altair camera can generate a very large video file very quickly in video mode. At full resolution you can generate over a Gigabyte in 30 seconds with some cameras. Think of each frame in the video as an individual image. A camera running at 640x480 pixel resolution or "0.3 Mega-Pixels" will produce a rapid succession [...]

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AltairCapture basic camera controls – Capture, Resolution, Exposure & Gain

Firstly, when you plug in your Altair Camera you'll notice the camera model number appear under the "Camera List" menu header on the top left in white text i.e. "GPCAMMT9M034M". Click on the camera model name, (circled in the image below) and the right-hand preview pane will automatically start the camera running in video mode, displaying [...]

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